Oct 08
Azure – Track changes done on virtual machine

A new feature is available in preview allowing you to track any changes done on a virtual machine.

To enable it, you must have a running virtual machine and then go to the virtual machine blade to enable Change tracking (below the Operations section)

When enabling the change tracking, you are also provisioning another preview feature Inventory


As you are enabling the change tracking you then need to click on the link provided on the top status bar


Then to enable the change tracking you need to define the location, usually set automatically to the virtual machine location, the log analytics workspace to use as well as the automation account


Then the solution is being provisioned – this may take few minutes


Once enabled the Change tracking solution will monitor any actions occurring at the events, registry, files, software or services level.

Then you can define what you want to track by clicking the Edit settings button


Any tracked changes will then be displayed in the blade


You can also manage multiple virtual machines at once by clicking on the Manage multiple computers button and then add/remove additional computers; if you have deployed the monitoring agent on your on-premises computers you can add them to the solution – if not just deployed the agent and configure it to connect to the analytics workspace



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