Sep 06
Exchange Online – You may see a question mark in place of the photo

As explained in a blog post on MSDN, if you use Exchange Online (or you may start seeing a question mark (?) image in place of the photo/initial on received emails.

Do not worry, this is an additional information level provided to end-user to protect themselves against spam or phishing.

Microsoft is adding this additional level of information to end-users when the email protection system has not been able to confirm for sure this is a spam/phishing or legitimate email.

This may come from old system generated email, legitimate ‘bulk’ sender (mailing list)… because it failed to be validated/authenticated (using SPF or DKIM).

For those who may be in the sender situation, it may be a good time to take a look at your systems and configuration to ensure you are not getting into the ‘unknown’ category.

All the details here


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