Aug 10
Office 365 – Make Office 365 Groups expiring (preview)

As you know Office 365 Groups is one of the various collaboration features available on Office 365; one available as self-service to end-users.

This means you may ended after some time to have quite a lot Office 365 Groups while they are not used anymore as tied to a project or any other temporary need.

Good new, you can now set an expiration time for Office 365 Groups, meaning they will be removed automatically at the expiration date. Currently in preview.

Don’t worry, when the time comes, owner(s) of the expired Office 365 Groups will be notified and if they still need it, the Office 365 Groups will not be deleted.

Also, in addition to that, remember you still have the possibility to recover deleted Office 365 Groups (see

Ok, now how can you set an expiration time to Office 365 Groups?


  • Then open the Users and Groups blade and go to the Groups Settings


  • Finally configure the Expiration setting
  • You will be able to choose an expiration time between predefined 180 or 365 days, or set your own; plus you will be able to define a recipients list if the Groups does not have anymore an owner (as in the case the user left) and finally if this applies to all Office 365 Groups or some (you will select)



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