Apr 23
Skype for Business – The mobile application for SfB on Windows Phone/Mobile is going to be retired
Dec 05
Windows Mobile – A new build of the Windows Mobile 10 is now available
Sep 21
Windows Phone – Groups app is now available for Windows Phone
Aug 03
Windows Phone 10 – No data connection
Feb 27
Windows Phone – OneDrive mobile application get updated with some cool stuff
Feb 13
Windows Phone – Windows Phone Recovery Tool
Feb 13
Windows Phone – Windows Phone 10 Preview is now available... but not for all
Oct 29
Windows Phone – Updated version of OneDrive (personal)
Aug 20
Office 365 / Office Mobile – SharePoint site content is not updated correctly on Office Mobile
Jun 19
Windows Phone – Synchronize your Wi-Fi connection settings between Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1
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